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New ideas are typically first ridiculed

YES Magazine published a story about how Latin American countries are leaning toward legalizing drugs.

What we are doing now to control the flow of illegal drugs is not working. If the drug industry is legalized, we can tax, regulate and police it — with less corruption, murders, disappearances, prison time, and salaries/pensions/benefits paid to prison staff.

Twenty years ago, my niece, who is just 10 years younger than me, first proposed her Libertarian idea, “I think all drugs should be legalized. If you need cocaine or heroin, go to CVS with a prescription for it.”

I promptly dismissed her idea as preposterous. 

Today, in Canada, Switzerland, Portuagal and Uruguay, addicts are able to access drugs and clean supplies to adminster them. The advantages are many.

1. They do not have to commit crimes in order to purchase the drugs.

2. They do not have to sell drugs to support their habit.

3. They are assured of the purity. You can smile and say, “Who cares if an addict dies?” I’ve met parents of young people who have suffered a fatal overdose. It causes a lifetime of guilt and woulda-shoulda-coulda.

4. They can be offered a path to treatment and recovery because they are in regularly touch with providers.

5. They do not spread diseases.

Mexico and other countries and our inner cities have been destroyed by the corruption, turf fights and crime over drug territory. Many police officers have lost their lives. Prisons are full of people who committed non-violent drug offenses.

Read the story in YES.