Police brutality is the tip of the iceberg – join statewide activist call tonight 8-9 pm

Transform our moral outrage over police brutality and victim mortality through direct political action with activists from all over Massachusetts. Taking to the streets expresses outrage; joining activists is a direct path toward changing state laws and policies around criminal justice.
You are invited to join a statewide 1-hour call tonight  Monday Dec. 15, 8-9 pm
 712-432-1212, entrance code is 351-484-548#
Our goal is to mobilize, energize and prepare voters like you to connect with your state rep and senator in the next 30 days, in person, hopefully with 2-3 other voters from your district. If you can’t meet in person, (possibly in your district), a call with the legislator or staffer, an email (last resort) will suffice.
“The ask” to your lawmakers: Will you co-sponsor upcoming criminal justice reform bills to be introduced Jan. 2-15?
The more cosponsors behind a proposed law, the more likely the legislation will be passed. The only way to end mass incarceration is by passing a series of bills over a number of years.
To transform your moral outrage to ACTION and REFORM, join our statewide grassroots movement to educate and activate voters and lawmakers, starting from profiling at arrest through to conviction, sentencing and inhumane ineffective treatment in prisons.
We will provide a letter you can invite fellow constituents to sign, to request your state rep and state senator to co-sponsor a variety of criminal justice reform bills, that must be delivered by JAN. 10. The deadline for co-sponsorship is Jan. 15. 
THANKS for your voice in the choir. Together we make a chorus that generates reform. ​Call or email with questions. ​I look forward to you joining the call tonight.
Reports from those who have visited, called and emailed their state legislators.
      Challenges?    Suggestions?    Questions?
Review the letter to legislators – see EMIT site- www.endmassincarcerationtogether.wordpress.com
Questions on the proposed bills?
Set next call for January. 

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