1 thought on “The bail system works for people with money; the poor are jailed for poverty

  1. Susan Gramentz

    my son set in jail for almost 4 months before he was sentenced in the mean time he finished his GED. He ended up getting 27 years. The attorney kept telling us not to worry. Then I get a call saying get over to the jail right away the attorney never looked at his discovery packet is this justice. I think not. My son was sentenced the same day he and his attorney and I all talked saying take as much time as you want never saying we had two days if need be. my son was sold down the river many lies he needed to do some time for his crime, but this was totally out of line behind his attorney telling us not to worry at the last second we were told he was looking at 300 years he didn’t kill anyone, use a weapon or phyical hurt anyone…doesn’t matter if you have a little money or not your not getting out of jail because the system is making money off you period 1 out of 5 America’s are in prison today…


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