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CSG call 12/10; Demand Justice in phone-in campaign for Doukan cases

Join a statewide EMIT call 
Monday, Dec 12, 7-8 pm to learn more about  legislation to be proposed by the CSG – Council of State Governments. EMIT leaders Laura Wagner and Dirck Stryker will lead the discussion. Your questions and comments are welcome.
 Call in: (712) 432-1212  Meeting ID – 351-484-548#
ACT this week for justice – Dec 12-16
ADD YOUR voice for justice Dec. 12-16 for 50,000+ convicted on tainted evidence supplied by Annie Dookhan in the state drug lab. Please call your district attorney [and others] to demand the cases be dismissed.
Dookhan is out of prison after serving just three years. Her lies impacted more than 50,000 drug cases in Massachusetts.  Many are out of jail yet still suffer collateral consequences of having this false accusation on their record.
Several MA District Attorneys have filed a SUPREME COURT Case to make sure these bogus guilting findings stick ! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.
PLEASE join our statewide calling campaign this week. Suffolk County had the most cases and the most prosecuting happy DA. If you’re gonna make one call, DA Dan Conley, Suffolk – 617-619-4000 is the man to target.
 If you’re interested, read on. Script below. You may be directed to voice mail. Ignore the message on the voice mail and leave yours.
District attorneys will be up for re-election in 2018. Most elected officials run on the fear that they will not be re-elected. HAVE a local impact by contacting your district attorney about this disgraceful injustice. 
Demand the FULL DISMISSAL of the drug lab convictions based on false evidence. Together, we can hold prosecutors in Massachusetts accountable for corruption and abuse of power and xpress  support and solidarity for  thousands harmed by these tainted convictions.
District Attorneys are elected officials by county. Seven counties were involved in the Drug Lab scandal. Start by calling your District Attorney, because constituents have the most impact. Time permitting, you can call them all! The call in campaign runs through Friday, December 16.
Here is the info:
DA Dan Conley, Suffolk – 617-619-4000
DA Thomas Quinn, Bristol – 508-997-0711
DA Jonathan Blodgett, Essex – 978-745-6610
DA Marian Ryan, Middlesex – 781-897-8300 (Press 0)
DA Michael O’Keefe, Cape – 508-362-8113
DA Michael Morrissey, Norfolk – 
781-830-4800  (Press 0)
DA Timothy Cruz, Plymouth – 508-584-8120

CALL SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in ____________ and I’m calling to urge the District Attorney to dismiss the tainted drug convictions. Dismissing these cases is the only way to restore justice to people who continue to experience the negative impact of their convictions. Protecting drug convictions based on false evidence serves no public good. Please tell the District Attorney to dismiss all tainted convictions.”

*Please let us know you called:

*If you have been personally impacted by the Dookhan drug lab scandal we would love to hear from you about how we can organize together.
BACKGROUND: Massachusetts state drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan tainted more than 24,000 convictions with falsified evidence from 2003-2011. Dookhan reported positive drug test results without conducting tests, reported negative results as positives, and may have inflated drug weights. In 2010 and 2011, colleagues reported her misconduct to superiors, but the government did not take any action. Instead, the Department of Public Health allowed Dookhan to continue working. One in six drug convictions made between 2003-2011 in the Commonwealth relied on Dookhan’s tainted evidence, and 62% of these convictions were for simple possession.

*PROSECUTORS ARE RESPONSIBLE: Even after learning of Dookhan’s misconduct, and that she had repeatedly lied in court, prosecutors continued to use Dookhan’s falsified evidence and testimony to coerce people into pleading guilty. Prosecutors have the power to dismiss the tainted convictions and restore justice at any time, but they have instead chosen to defend these tainted convictions.

*PROSECUTORS ARE PROTECTING CONVICTIONS, NOT PEOPLE: The prosecutors’ refusal to dismiss these cases is an abuse of power. Meanwhile, the people they convicted with false evidence continue to suffer from the trauma of incarceration, criminal records, loss of public housing, deportation, and enhanced sentences on any future convictions. These consequences also impact people’s children and families. By protecting these tainted convictions, prosecutors have demonstrated they do not care about the impact on people’s lives. Arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating people for drugs is harmful, expensive, and serves no public good – especially when convictions are based on fraud.