CourtWatch MA 

Court watchers will document and publicize the decisions judges and prosecutors make every day about criminal punishment. Many court decisions are made with no witnesses to the decisions made and lives forever changed. A collaborative effort by the groups listed below are coordinating the CourtWatch Program to influence the decisions and actions of judges and prosecutors, to insure equal justice for all.
This program is a collective effort led by ACLU of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Bail Fund, the National Lawyers Guild of MA, the MA Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Families for Justice as Healing.  It is a cornerstone of the ACLU’s of MA “What a Difference a DA Makes” initiative.
You can choose where and when you court watch. 
Volunteers should commit to court watching at least three times in a three month period – more is better. No experience  necessary.
15 or more volunteers are needed to schedule a training

Restorative Justice

The next training for volunteer facilitators will be Sept. 21 and 22, 2018. For more information go to http://ourrj.org or https://www.c4rj.org The number of cities and towns whose police departments have adopted this diversion tool is more than 20.

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